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  Little House Crafts & Candles Introduces the ONE AND ONLY CANDLE WITH AN EXPIRATION DATE Right on the Label! Never experience the disappointment of paying a lot of money for a candle, getting it home, excited about lighting it ONLY to find out after burning it for the recommended time you CAN'T SMELL IT!!

Little House Crafts & Candles has SOLVED THIS CANDLE LOVERS' NIGHTMARE! Starting in October 2010 EVERY PILLAR CANDLE WE MANUFACTURE WILL COME WITH OUR 3X OR TRIPLE-SCENTED GUARANTEED EXPIRATION DATE RIGHT ON THE LABEL! Just Look on the bottoms of ALL our Pillar candles for our EXCLUSIVE expiration date. During All of our testing our results show that our triple-scented pillars hold their full triple-scent for a period of 4 Years from date of Manufacture (when left out of packaging) Longer when packaged! Our Jars hold their Quad Scented strength for a period of 6+ years ( or more with lid securly closed). Please remember some of the"larger" candle manufacturers make their candles weeks and even MONTHS ahead and store them in warehouses until they are ordered by your local store! Your local stores usually have their own warehouse where they are ONCE AGAIN STORED until they are ordered! Now You Never have to settle for a candle that has lost some or most of it's fragrance! Look for the EXPIRATION DATE ON EVERY LITTLE HOUSE CRAFTS TRIPLE OR QUAD SCENTED CANDLE! A LITTLE HOUSE EXCLUSIVE!!

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