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***OUR VAST FRAGRANCE LIST IS NOT IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER AS WE ARE CONSTANTLY ADDING NEW FRAGRANCES*** ALL OF OUR FRAGRANCES ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN OUR SHOPPING CART: We offer ALL CANDLES IN VARIOUS SHAPES AND SIZES! Including 3x4.5", 3x6.5", 3x9.5", 3x12.5", plus square pillars, baseball round pillars, pyramid pillars, tapers, votives, tealights, tartmelts, tartmelt kits etc. Call 205-310-4117 to place specialty size pillar orders that are not available on our Shopping Carts. *Our Pillar Candles in ALL sizes are NOT Compatible with candle holders that have metal stabilizer "stakes", Our Pillar candles are equipped with a metal safety tab attached to the bottom of each wick as a safety mechanism to possibly help extinguish candle flame once it reaches approximately 1/4" from the bottom of the candle, however, NEVER RELY ON A SAFETY TAB! Never leave a candle burning Unattended.

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