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Neal and Kay Pope, proud owners of the Little House and it's grounds

Neal and Kay enjoying lunch on the Little House upper deck.

A Bit Of Little House History: Little House Crafts was named by Kay's father, Boe Green back in the mid 1990's as he would call it: "Kay's Little House". The shop was originally built for Kay to dry her home grown flowers and herbs and also for her to make her hand woven rag rugs, swags and wreaths. The Little House building was built from Neal's (Kay's husband) recollections of his Great grandparent's early home; (Pictured below). Fast forwarding to today, our business traffic has steadily increased due to the fact that our customers' know that they come first! Without them there would be NO Little House! We always say that if your not "happy" than we are definitely not "happy". We like to think that we are in the "happy" business; from the moment you pull up to the Little House you are certain to be greeted by one of Kay and Neal's loveable family pets. One of which is "Ginger" or "Izzybell" one or both of the loveable family dogs. You may even catch Kay or Neal or both rocking on the front porch of the Little House enjoying the sounds of the waterfall from the Koi pond out front. Don't be surprised if Kay asks you to stay for lunch or supper because that's just the kind of people they are! We hope to see you soon at the Little House! *As of January 1, 2017, the Little House is once again part of a private residence and is NO LONGER Open to the public and No longer hosts private events*

Neal's Great Grandfather

Neal's Great Grandparent's early home

The home that the Little House was designed from.

Mrs. Lorene Pope (Neal's Mother) was the Little Houses very first Official Customer as we first opened in 1997. We lost her to health conditions in August 2009. I will always remember seeing her pull up to the Little House and as I would greet her at the door she would say, "Bill, pull me in a chair, out of the way, because I've come to shop. I will always remember her humming with the gospel tunes as they played on the Little House Radio. She had a BEAUTIFUL voice! She would also say, "Don't mind me, just go on and do what you have to do, I love just to sit here, listen to the music and look at all these beautiful things, I see something new everytime I look around. I would say if you need anything just holler at me, she would say o.k. and a few seconds later, (I knew it was coming) she would say, "Bill if you don't mind bring me that jewelry stand with the jewelry (she loved bling bling!). She was TRULY one of our favorite customers and will be forever missed. We are very proud to put her on this page permanently because she is a HUGE PART of Little House History. Bill & Kay

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