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Little House Testimonials: Listen to what our customers' have to say about their Little House Crafts TRIPLE-SCENTED CANDLES:

Thanks for ALL the wonderful comments! Here a select few testimonials that we want to share with you. Love your Little House Crafts 3X -TRIPLE-SCENTED CANDLES? Tell us by filling out the form below or go to one of the "place an order" pages, scroll to the bottom and type away!! We LOVE to hear from YOU!! Thanks, Bill & Kay, Little House Crafts & Candles

November 30, 2016: We have been purchasing candles for many many years. Bought candles from another site once and we will NEVER buy from anyone else. These are the BEST smelling, best burning and best prices and MADE IN AMERICA!!! (Anonymous)

August 19, 2013: "The candles are spectacular! But the owner is one in a million. The Nicest person I have met. Very kind and friendly. You will never be disappointed! Carole L., Philadelphia, PA

July 5, 2012: "I LOVE THE HOT APPLE PIE!" The Aroma it puts off in my log house is WONDERFUL! My favorite is your jar candles. When I am entertaining, I can light it and leave it all day and everyone who enters comments on how GOOD MY HOUSE ALWAYS SMELLS! Can't wait for a New Fall and Christmas Fragrance... Holley P., Samantha, AL

June 28, 2011: Hello! We have dealt with several candle makers/suppliers over the years. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to purchase American made products, employing American's. Speaking with Bill has made us feel like when we were young. Full of life. Just like the candles. Simply full of wonderful flavors that surround you with comfort and peace. These candles also smell great when not lit. When the candle order was delivered by our mail carrier Steve, he told me that his truck had a wonderful smell from the candles. I gave him one of the business cards. Bill, you do a fantastic job! You've got yourself new customers. Thanks! Priscilla and Walter Tobyhanna, PA

May 21,2009: It is Claire C. once more. I was telling two co-workers about your candles and how WONDERFUL they are! They both wrote down the name Little House Crafts and were going to look for them at local stores. To surprise them, I would like to order two more..both flower fragrances..I will give each one of them a candle as a gift. Claire C. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

July 28, 2010: The Candles you make are hands down the BEST SCENTED candles I have ever used! and believe me, I have used candles from every shop I could find. The scent of your candles lasts for as long as the candle does! They are WELL worth the cost and I hope everyone who reads this goes to the website and orders at least one candle to prove to themselves that they are every bit as good as I say they are. Once they try them, I am positive they will have a second and third order, Especially this month, August and September to make sure they are stocked up with all the winter scented candles for the holidays! Again, Thank You sooo much! Vicki D., Tuscaloosa, AL

July 24, 2009: Gonna buy More!!!! Kathy L. Brookwood, AL

August 2, 2009: "The best candles I have ever bought! I don't get my candles anywhere else! Amanda, Griffin Ridge, AL.

July 14, 2010: "I have been using your candles for Years. I haven't found anything BETTER!" Dr. Donna W., Marlton, NJ

August 20, 2010: "I work at the Hilton Hotel here in town. I brought my "ELVIS" candle to work while my ELVIS impersonator was staying with us this week. He LOVED IT!!! All of our guest who have smelled it in the lobby thought it was GREAT!! I LOVE ELVIS AND LOVE THE "ELVIS" CANDLE From Little House Crafts & Candles"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LA-LA, Birmingham, AL.

November 17, 2011: "I received my candles and they smell wonderful! Thank you so much for the free ones. the spice one smells like the holidays and I love the tangerine. You have definitely gained a new customer, sincerely Shelia P. Northport, AL.

November 26, 2013: "Your Bayberry is the best ever. I have been buying these for 20 plus years and giving them as gifts. I wish there was a store up here in Bedminster PA b/c I would like to smell many of your other scents. Bedminster, PA

January 22, 2017:. Received the Chrome candle scent as a gift. It smells Awesome! Anonymous

June 6, 2009: I've been using these candles for about two years and NOTHING MEASURES UP TO THESE CANDLES and the craftsmanship is wonderful! They are handcrafted with care and it's made in the USA!!! Everyone needs to try them for that reason alone. I used Yankee (r) candle for a long time and the smell doesn't last as long or doesn't smell as wonderful as these do! I'm very glad that I live about 20mins away so I can go and get them when I'm out, although I buy about 6 or 7 at a time. If you are ever in Alabama you folks need to stop by and give a look and you will see it is a beautiful place and wonderful people and have a glass of homemade lemonade made by Kay. Thanks Christina H. Vance, Alabama

July 24, 2009: By Far the BEST CANDLES WE'VE EVER BOUGHT and we've tried many....going back for more...Hey to all my friends! Kathy L. Brookwood, AL

2010: "Just got my samples in the mail and now i'm craving for MORE! This Panama City family LOVES your candles!" Kaylia K. Panama City, FL

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