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**JUST IN: LITTLE HOUSE CRAFTS JARS ARE NOW INFUSED WITH 3-FR-TECHNOLOGY! We are the Strongest candle on the market today and now we have the fastest scent release technology! (3- FR TECHNOLOGY)


LITTLE HOUSE CRAFTS 3-FR TECHNOLOGY= Bringing candles into the 21st Century & BEYOND!

OUR NEW! 3-FR TECHNOLOGY IS ALL IN OUR WAX! ALL OF OUR LITTLE HOUSE CRAFTS JARS ARE NOT ONLY 4X (QUAD) SCENTED, WHICH IS THE STRONGEST CANDLE YOU CAN BUY! BUT TO MAKE THEM EVEN BETTER THEY ARE NOW INFUSED WITH 3-FR-TECHNOLOGY WHICH IS: FAST FLAME FRAGRANCE RELEASE: Without compromising the LONG-LIFE of our container candles, you get a faster release of the fragrance that even those electric "plug in" type fresheners can't beat! without giving up the same burn life as before, which is a LOT LONGER than those 60 day fresheners! Give one a try today! To order click this link: place an order jars. Let us know how we compare to the competition! Even the electric ones!!

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