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***OUR VAST FRAGRANCE LIST IS NOT IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER AS WE ARE CONSTANTLY ADDING NEW FRAGRANCES*** ALL OF OUR FRAGRANCES ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN OUR SHOPPING CART: We offer ALL CANDLES IN VARIOUS SHAPES AND SIZES! Including 3x4.5", 3x6.5", 3x9.5", 3x12.5", plus square pillars, baseball round pillars, pyramid pillars, tapers, votives, tealights, tartmelts, tartmelt kits etc. Call 205-310-4117 to place specialty size pillar orders that are not available on our Shopping Carts. *Our Pillar Candles in ALL sizes are NOT Compatible with candle holders that have metal stabilizer "stakes", Our Pillar candles are equipped with a metal safety tab attached to the bottom of each wick as a safety mechanism to possibly help extinguish candle flame once it reaches approximately 1/4" from the bottom of the candle, however, NEVER RELY ON A SAFETY TAB! Never leave a candle burning Unattended.

MMATTBILL@AOL.COM We also carry all fragrances in our 3X6.5" round pillars for $12.99 (Premium Fragrances $15.99) 3X9.5" round pillars for $16.99 (Premium Fragrances $19.99) and 3X12.5" round pillars for $22.99 (Premium Fragrances $25.99) We also carry ALL fragrances in 4oz. Apothecary jars for $4.99 (Premium fragrances $6.99), 8oz. jelly jars for $8.99(Premium Fragrances $9.99), 16 oz. apothecary jars for $16.99 (Premium Fragrances $19.99) and our largest jar the Big 26 oz. apothecary jar for $25.99 (Premium Fragrances $29.99) plus tax and shipping.* Our Premium and Essential Fragranced Pillars and Jars in ALL sizes are Higher in retail price. Please remember that ALL candles are hand crafted at time of order placement and are crafted in the order in which they are received; slight differences in appearance may be noticed from one order to the next due to the hand crafted process. Normal manufacturing times are from 2 to 5 business days after order placement but DOES NOT include shipping time which may add 2 to 5 more business days, depending on carrier selected. Thank You! and Enjoy your TRIPLE-SCENTED CANDLES from LITTLE HOUSE CRAFTS & CANDLES

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