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LITTLE HOUSE CRAFTS BRAND LUXURIOUS HAND CRAFTED BATH AND BODY PRODUCTS INCLUDING VITAMIN ENRICHED LOTIONS, BODY SPRAYS & HAIR MISTS, SHAMPOOS, CONDITIONERS, SOAPS AND MORE! Our Big 4oz. 10% Goats Milk & 3% Emu Oil Fragranced soap bars are now ready to order! You MUST CALL to ORDER our Luxurious Bath & Body Products at this time.(205) 310-4117. They will be available on our Shopping Cart at a Later Date. Are you having a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party?? We have the Naughty Soaps and Candle Line available by phone orders only! Call (205) 310-4117 to see pictures of our Naughty Line.

Hi Everyone we have been working very hard behind the scenes to get our Goats Milk and Emu Oil Soaps ready for market!! We have sent out Numerous bars for testing and results have come back A++!!! So Now we will have a "limited" supply and Limited Fragrances available. This is not your ordinary off the grocery store shelf soap. Some of the Ingredients in our soaps is: 10% Goat's Milk, 3% Emu Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerin, Purified Water, Soybean Protein and more! Each bar is a full size 4oz. and the retail is an Amazingly LOW $5.75 ea. because we Manufacture it in our own facility!!

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