Santa is Coming to Griffin-Ridge!!


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Santa is Coming to Griffin-Ridge!!

Hi everybody, its Kay and Bill and we want to let ALL the parents and children in Griffin-Ridge and Beyond know that Kay has been diligently working with the North Pole and some of Santa's closest traffic advisors, one being Mrs. Claus, to set up an appointment for Santa to visit all the good children in and around Griffin-Ridge!  I'm glad I'm not paying Kay's phone bill with all those North Pole Long distance calls!  Santa is on a VERY TIGHT SCHEDULE but he would not turn down the Little House!  He will be arriving at 2p.m. SHARP on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4 by His white horse and carriage on Griffin Ridge Road, Kay's Good, BUT she could NOT talk him into bringing his sleigh or Rudolph (Santa said that his sleigh is being equipped with a new GPS system and Rudolph had to get some rest for his upcoming hectic trip!) From 2- 3p.m. all children can ride on his horse drawn carriage and talk and take pictures with him, Remember children, he is on a tight schedule and has to leave the Little House by 3P.M. SHARP!  this is the best Kay could get Santa to agree to during his busy busy season!  If there are any changes to the schedule we will let you know right here on our blog!