Welcome to Little House Crafts & Candles! Here at the " little house" we manufacture the "STRONGEST CANDLES ON THE MARKET TODAY!" MADE IN THE USA from the ground up!  Our candles have "the MOST FRAGRANCE allowed by law!" We have our very own commercial candle making facility  "just down the road" from the Little House. There, we use high speed mixers to mix our fragrance, colors, and wax, so that your TRIPLE-SCENTED (3X) PILLAR is mixed through and through with MAXIMUM color and FRAGRANCE! This process leads to the ULTIMATE scent throw! We hand pour and hand wick each of our pillars.  Our (4X) scented jars, (3X) tea-lights, (3X) votives, and tapers are made the exact same way, ONE AT A TIME! To date our commercial candle making facility can produce an amazing 175  pillars at one time!  Our Little House (A Private Residence) is located in the hills of Griffin-Ridge, Alabama.   QUALITY IS JOB 1  at the Little House!!  We now offer  314+ TRIPLE-SCENTED  Fragrances!!   **ALL FRAGRANCES ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON OUR SHOPPING CART PAGES UNDER "ORDER PILLARS" or "ORDER JARS"Little House Crafts & Candles is your source for ALL Shapes and Sizes of Candles, Including, Baseball Round Pillars, Tartmelts, Jumbo Tart melts, Our HUGE Tartmelt called the "COWPATTY", Votives, Tealights, 2x3.5" round pillars, 3x4.5" round pillars, 3x6.5" round pillars, 3x9.5" round pillars, and our Tallest Pillar Yet, the big 3x12.5" round pillar! We also manufacture, all types of square pillars, pyramids pillars and 10" taper candles, as well as our super tall 12" taper candles,  ALL TRIPLE-SCENTED or QUAD SCENTED THROUGH-OUT the entire burnlife of the Candle!   **Remember Our Brand of Candles is: Little House Crafts (Brand), Printed on EVERY LABEL. Not just plain "Little House", Little House CRAFTS, sets us apart from the rest! **New Fragrances IN STOCK Includes: Spiced Apple,  Apple Slices, Issey Blue (type), Drakkar Noir (type), Freesia,  Lilac,  Sunflowers,  Fluffy Towels (type),  Grape Lip Smackers (type),  High Maintenance (type), Bird of Paradise, Exotic Flowers, Tea (with NO lemon) "Butter Me Up", Joint (Yes Joint!), Pink Sugar (type), Wildberry Zinger Tea,  Donald Trump (type), Coco Chanel (type),  Sweet `n Creamy, Glade (TM)  Berry Splash (type), Sweet Jasmine Vine, Mexican Cornbread, Blueberry, Green musk (type), Juicy Fruit (type), Sweet Olive Blossom, 
Key lime Pie Filling, Birmingham Belle, Sweet Olive Blooms, Barack Obama (type),  Michelle Obama (type), Crimson Vines, Strawberry Jam, Mixed Berries Jam, Green Irish Tweed (type), Flintstone's Chewables (type), Yes! Get the great smell just like the  vitamins taste!,  Dragon's Blood & Texas Bluebonnets with more on the way! Including  Freshly Picked Pears plus many more!!
 Look for our  NEW LOWER SHIPPING RATES  as you check out!! *As of December 1, 2016 We will No Longer Credit Shipping Estimated Charges towards your next order if the total overage is $5 or Less due to the ever increasing Cost of shipping and packing supplies.  Estimated Shipping overages of $5.01 or more will be credited to your next order only. If our shipping calculator underestimates your shipping that's on us.  No cash back. We can credit your Paypal account if you notify us within 5 days. Thank you!
To Order Pillars and to see our Entire Inventory of Triple-Scented (3X) Fragrances "click" on Our Candle Pic to the right.======>                                                  Click HERE  to See All 314+  Triple- Scented Fragrances to Choose From.  Springtime is in the air at the Little House! While you're spring cleaning pick up a Little House Crafts 3X Scented Pillar or Jar in one of your favorite fragrances like:  Sugarplum, Wildberry TeaAlabama Kudzu (mulched), Febreze (type), Febreze Spring & Renewal (type), Alabama Kudzu, Woodlands (type), Pine Sol (type), Tropical Fruit, Coconut, Citrus Splash, Bluebonnets,Old Southern Jasmine, Hyacinth, Lilac,  Clean Cotton (type), Gain (type), 
 Sweet Olive Blossom,  Summer Sorbet (type)
  and so many more! Browse All 314+ Triple- Scented Fragrances  by clicking on the pillar candle pic.

*As of January 1, 2017,The Little House will once again become a PRIVATE RESIDENCE and WILL NOT BE HOSTING SPECIAL EVENTS AS OF THAT DATE.  The owners' of the Little House will still invite passersby to see the Little House Gardens. The Little House Picture is solely used by permission from the owners as a LOGO only, from this day forward.   
Little House Crafts is OPEN ONLINE ONLY!  To Place an Order by Phone, Please Call (205) 310-4117. Thank You for your Patronage!!